You Consume Me

You Consume Me

Feel my pulse under your fingertips as your claws press into my skin. Feel me tremble as the heat of your touch becomes fire in my veins.

I need you. God, do I need you.

And then you kiss me. You kiss me, and the entire world dissolves away. I’m nothing. The only thing left is the burning need to feel your skin, your lips, your teeth, and your claws.

Undress me. Unmake me. Consume me.

*A big thank you to Charlie, thank you for being so patient, Love*

Posted by Willow Sleydon on 2020-11-10 03:12:49

Tagged: , SL , Second Life , legacy male , genus babyface , dura hair , doux hair , cureless , lelutka andrea , goth , gothic , romance , toksik , perky

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