Barbossa: "You’re supposed to be Dead"

Sparrow:"Am I not"

I sorta felt like Barbossa might’ve been speaking to me on this last trip since I decided after Christmas to bring my D3S with me and a couple of primes. LOL!

I shoot in these rides because I enjoy it and have lot’s of fun doing it. Over the last couple of years it seems there have been a few comments I have come across about people trying to "compete" with my shots, and others who say that because ‘theirs cannot look as good as mine they don’t shoot on the rides anymore". Well I hope I am WAY off base and these people are actually joking with me and I am just to dense to understand, because I am not trying to discourage ANYONE from pursuing a passion of theirs, and if they have a passion for shooting on the dark rides then shoot on them.

I was having a discussion while on my last trip with a beautiful young photographer, and she said "Why can’t people here (in the Disney groups) just be happy someone got a shot and applaud them for it". How PERFECT is that?!? That is what I (hope) do with EVERYONE, especially on the Dark Rides. I want to encourage and help everyone to be a better photographer.

Do I think that I am the best photographer around? "NO"! But I know I am good, that is not arrogance, but self assurance– there is a HUGE difference. Do I think my Dark Ride shots are the BEST? "NO" again. I know I try to open the shadows too much sometimes and show a lot of grain, but that is what is fun for me. These are not masterpieces that I plan on selling…these are fun shots.

So I am going to step up on my soapbox now and say to everyone, "Please, let’s ALL be happy for our fellow photographers who work their butts off to get great shots and show our respect for them. Yes, a little friendly kidding around is wonderful too". Let’s get the friendly camaraderie back here in the Disney groups and stop trying to compete with one another and be happy for each other. And let’s welcome some new people in too…there is a lot of talent here on Flickr.

Thanks for reading. ๐Ÿ™‚

Posted by Michael Besant on 2013-02-15 17:26:57


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