within you

You’re looking for beauty outside of yourself. You have to learn that you are the beauty. You are the joy. You are the flowers that you enjoy so much. You are the trees and the ocean and the sky and the mountains. It’s all coming from you.
If you really realize that you are that, would you run around seeking things? Everything that you want is within you. You are that. Even relationships. You look for relationship with someone so they can make you happy, so you can enjoy their company, so you can love them, so you can be with them. But I can assure you that within yourself is a greater love, a greater joy, a greater peace than you can ever find anywhere else. True. You’ve got it all. There is nothing, no thing that you need from the outside. And nothing can ever happen to you, because there is no one to make it happen, except yourself.
Robert Adams in a talk June 1991

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