We Miss You

We Miss You

On hearing the news that Glastonbury Festival is cancelled for the second year due to Covid, I thought I’d upload a photo from last summer, that I’d never got round to sharing. I wouldn’t fancy going to Glastonbury myself, as living rough doesn’t appeal, but JJ and I have been to a local festival a few times now, Victorious. The beauty of this festival is it’s in our own city and we can go home at night and sleep in a proper bed!! This photo was taken in the Castlefield, which is home to one of the stages at Victorious and every year the organisers put up Hollywood-style letters. One year there was "Good Vibrations", a nod to Beach Boys’ Brian Wilson, who was performing. Last summer saw our festival cancelled, which is why the organisers spelt out "We Miss You".

Posted by Jainbow on 2021-01-22 07:24:29

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