To meet you is fine [190:365]

To meet you is fine [190:365]

I want to meet so many people, especially you guys on Flickr, especially those of you IN OTHER COUNTRIES! ;D

Ew, what an ugly screencap. I wouldn’t want to watch a frame-by-frame with a screencap like this, hahha.

So many things have been bothering me so much lately, and I don’t even know why. But things are going pretty smoothly, too. I asked this guy in my chemistry class (on a note) if he wanted to go to our Jazz Dinner/Dance thing, and he replied, "Dances aren’t really my thing. :/ Sorry."
So now I’m going to ask ****. 🙂

Posted by Trang Vu Photography on 2010-01-31 03:06:23

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