smush swishes a long 2

smush swishes a long 2

Here are the good things that happened:

1) Rony scored his first points in the NBA with that new heart valve and didn’t collapse
2) My sister and I made it on the big screen and they showed us dancing for a good 5 seconds
3) We somehow ended up getting seats in the luxury box which was quite nice though I always assumed they would give you free food and they don’t
4) Some (other) girl who got on the big screen flashed her titties and the whole stadium was in chaos for about 5 seconds
5) Kobe made this amazing 35 foot shot right at the shot clock buzzer and everyone went nuts

Here are the bad things that happened:

1) I slipped down the stairs and hurt my sacrum
2) My camera battery ran out in the 3rd quarter and the spare I brought was dead
3) The Lakers’ defense also ran out in the 3rd quarter and their free throw shooting was dead
4) Around the 4th quarter all of the plastic surgery ladies with fake boobs/lips/cheeks started to leave, which meant they were walking straight at me and my dead battery and I had no weapon
5) The Lakers gave up the ONLY Western Conference win to the HAWKS, the crappiest team in the NBA, which is an embarrassment

Posted by Malingering on 2006-02-16 07:33:35

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