Intruder Alert 17 – Epilogue

Intruder Alert 17 - Epilogue

Deep Space Outpost Arcturus has suffered a crippling blow. The station has been attacked and invaded by Blacktron forces who have siphoned the energy from the ancient alien artifact Nova Team had discovered earlier in the year, draining it completely. Making their escape, Blacktron has managed to fend off the station’s security, Nova Team and the combat patrols while making their jump away. Untraceable by the station’s various sensor arrays.

Here we have an injured Captain Knight giving his after-action report to Admiral Arrius in Arcturus’s main operations center. Neither of them happy with what transpired, but both vowing to do anything they can to stop Blacktron.

To learn more about Nova Team’s other adventures visit their album:

::: So this is it! The end of my "Intruder Alert” photo series! It lasted a little longer than I originally planned, but overall I’m pretty happy how the series turned out. I hope all of you enjoyed it! Your continued support has always been very much appreciated. I’m going to take a quick break here while I regroup and figure out what my next project is. I’m thinking it’ll be a little different, just for a little bit. But have heart Nova Team fans. The team will be back soon. I sort of see this image as a "season finale" of sorts. There are some changes coming to the team with some slight re-freshes as well with the start of the "new season". Keep an eye out on my stream as always for the main event and for sneak-peeks and updates I’ll be using my Twitter account ( a bit more for that sort of stuff moving forward. Again, thank you all!

Posted by Agaethon on 2016-05-31 16:54:45

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