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Identifier: classicaldiction00ssmi
Year: 1894 (1890s)
Authors: S. Smith, William, Sir, 1813-1893
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sons. Theeldest of these, Antigonus Gonatas, eventuallysucceeded him on the throne of Macedonia.(Plut. Demetrius; Diod. xix., xx.)—2. Son ofAntigonus Gonatas, succeeded his father, andreigned B.C. 239-229. He carried on war againstthe Aetolians, and was opposed to the AchaeanLeague. He was succeeded by AntigonusDoson. (Pol. ii. 44.) II. Kings of Syria. 1. Soter (reigned b.c.162-150), was the son of Seleucus IV. Philo-pator and grandson of Antiochus the Great.While yet a child, he had been sent to Romeby his father as a hostage, and remained thereduring the whole of the reign of Antiochus IV.Epiphanes. After the death of Antiochus,being now twenty-three years old, he demandedof the senate to be set at liberty ; but as hisrequest was refused by the senate, he fledsecretly from Rome, by the advice of the his-torian Polybius, and went to Syria. The Syriansdeclared in his favour; and the young kint;Antiochus V. Eupator, with his tutor Lysias,was seized by his own guards and put to death.

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Demetrius L Sotcr. King of Syria, ob. Il.c. 150.Obr.. head of Demetrius diademed: rrr.. raxiaEOZ all- MMTPloY In field monogram and Ml; in ox crguo asp (161 of Era Scleuc.): soatcd femalo figure.Tyche, to the left, with scoptro and cornucopia. By valuable presents Demetrius obtained fromthe Romans his recognition as king (Pol.xxxi. 23, xxxii. 4). He expelled tho oppressivesatrap Heracleides from Babylon; and thusgained the surname SAer from the Babylonians; 280 DEMETRIUS DEMOCEDES but he was not successful in his attempts againstthe Jews (Jos. Ant. xiii. 4). But having alien-ated his own subjects by his luxury and intem-perance, they sided with an impostor of thename of Balas, who took the title of Alexander.By him Demetrius was defeated in battle andslain (Pol. xxxiii. 14). He left two sons, Deme-trius Nicator and Antiochus Sidetes, both ofwhom subsequently ascended the throne.—2.Nicator (b.c. 146-142, and again 128-125), sonof Demetrius Soter. He had been sent by hisfather for saf

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