How to Capture Video in iMovie 11 – iMovie 11 Tutorial Videos

How to Capture Video in iMovie 11 - iMovie 11 Tutorial Videos

How to Capture Video in iMovie 11 – Get a FREE iMovie starter kit with graphics, music and animations for your videos at In this iMovie tutorial video we show you how to capture video from your camera into iTunes, as well as how to use existing video in your iMovie 11 projects. Be sure to check out all of our other iMovie 11 Tutorials Videos 1. How to Install iMovie on Mac – 2. How to Use iMovie 11 (part 1) – 3. How to Use iMovie 11 (part 2) – 4. How to Capture Video in iMovie 11 – 5. How to Use iMovie 11 Effects – 6. How to Use iMovie 11 Themes – 7. How to Use iMovie Maps Feature – 8. How to Do iMovie Green Screen Video – 9. Using iTunes with iMovie on Mac – 10. How to Export iMovie 11 Video – All your video, all in one place. Chances are, you have a camcorder, a digital camera, or an iPhone — and maybe all three. That means one thing: You have a ton of great video. iMovie puts it all in one place and organizes it for you so your video is easy to browse and fun to watch. Just plug in your device, open iMovie, and start importing your video. It appears in your Event Library — the one place you’ll find everything you’ve ever recorded. Just like photos in iPhoto, videos are organized by Events. And as your collection grows, you can rate clips as "favorite" or "rejected," tag them with preset or custom keywords, and filter them so you can find the best scenes (or hide the ones you’re not thrilled with). Drag-and-drop moviemaking. If you know how to drag and drop, you can make a movie in iMovie. Here’s how easy it is: Just drag your favorite clips into the project area and arrange them however you like. Drag in titles and transitions. Drop in photos. Add a song from iTunes or GarageBand for your soundtrack. The end. Make the cut. Editing in iMovie makes perfect sense, thanks to the simple, friendly interface. Every clip appears as a dynamic filmstrip that lets you preview the action at a glance. Move the pointer over the filmstrip to skim your video. Select clips and parts of clips just as you select text, then adjust them until what’s in your head appears on the screen. Add some photos. When your action flick has too much action, maybe it’s time for some stills. iMovie imports your photos from iPhoto, Aperture, or Photo Booth. You can apply pan and zoom motion effects to give it a documentary feel. iMovie even detects faces in your photos to ensure that they remain in the frame. Edit audio, too. What’s great video without audio? iMovie gives you all the tools you need to make your movie sound as good as it looks. Use multiple audio tracks for music and sound effects — even record a voiceover track right in iMovie. New audio controls let you cut down background noise. And new audio effects make you sound like a professional radio host, a space alien, or nearly anything in between. Every movie needs a theme. Turn your T-ball video into sports highlights. Make a graduation a news story. Or create a comic book from your family vacation. Themes make your movies look fun and professional, and they’re easy to apply. Just choose a theme and iMovie does the rest, adding animated titles and sophisticated transitions automatically. You can even customize your titles. Animate your travels. With travel maps in your video travelogues, everyone who watches comes along on the adventure. Choose from four different 3D globe or flat map styles, select your location (or locations), and iMovie builds an animated map. If you want to change its look, just drag a different map on top of your current one. Be an online sensation. Upload your movie directly to Facebook and CNN iReport. If you have a YouTube or Vimeo following, export your movie at an amazing 1080p resolution and share it in stunning HD. Subscribe to our Channel: Learn more about video production: Follow Us: Join our Facebook Video Marketing Group How to Capture Video in iMovie 11

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