PAULET ISLAND, ANTARCTICA – UNDATED: Adelie penguins with chick on Paulet Island, Antarctica.

A stunning new book by a renowned British wildlife photographer will melt your heart – with images of family love between members of the animal kingdom. One heart-melting photo shows a baby orangutan, in Borneo, Kalimantan, perfectly mimicking its mother’s hand movements – just like a toddler. In another a tiny elephant hides at the feet of its family – sheltering from pounding rain. ‘My Favourite Animal Familes’ by Steve Bloom showcases some of his best pictures of baby animals over the past 14 years. On his travels to get these images Steve, from Kent, has taken in every continent – including two trips to Antarctica. Accompanied by text by author David Henry Wilson, whose works include the popular ‘Jeremy James’ series, the book is aimed at kids and talks the readers through aspects of family life in the animal kingdom. But the pictures are so spectacular they will appeal to people of all ages. ‘My Favourite Animal Families’ from Thames & Hudson is available from all good bookshops on August 16 for £9.99


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