Dear Rini

Dear Rini,
It’s almost unbelievable that you’ve been gone for so long. Sometimes, at night, I lie awake with thoughts going on and on in my head and I never seem to be able to get a hold of them. Here and there your face appears.
You know, I still feel guilty. After 6 long years I still feel like you might still be here if I hadn’t been so careless. That’s why I keep writing these letters.
Then again we both know that it would have ended this way, sooner or later.
Many days I wish I believed in God and not in science. I wish I believed in afterlife and not in atoms that will slowly crawl out of your body as it decays. I wish I believed in a way that we could see each other again.

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Posted by Paula Ohmann on 2015-01-14 13:15:03

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