Cooler Rampages

Cooler Rampages

As I said, Cooler’s ultimate form is way more physical than one would expect. he only actually busts out the ki attacks at the very end when Goku starts beating him. Until then? The gigantic purple lizard CHARGES, and causes earthquakes with every punch and kick, utterly grinding his opponent into the earth. He was actually a pretty physical fighter before, too, at least in his brief sparring match with Goku. But it’s this fifth form that really shows Cooler’s preference for hand-to-hand combat.

Fun Fact: Cooler’s brief cameo in GT was when the gates of hell opened and bad guys poured out. You got a brief Cooler cameo as the ONLY movie representation. Which makes sense, since Garlic Junior (also acknowledged as canon) never actually died. Odd that neither Hoi nor Hirudegarn from movie 13 appeared (also canon), but them’s the breaks. Oh yeah, and his movie? It’s not bad, one of the best DBZ movies. it’s just too short, and the end fight with Cooler feels way too rushed. The choreography is good, but it doesn’t last long enough.

Posted by ridureyu1 on 2012-11-05 03:45:01

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