Composed photograph here illustrates the differences between the “Rogue” taxidermy artwork and the”Traditional” taxidermy artwork. The “Rogue” is by Immortalizer Dr. Takeshi Yamada and the “Traditional: is by the Challenger Mike McCulloch.

Composed photograph here illustrates the differences between the

Composed photograph here illustrates the differences between the "Rogue" taxidermy artwork and the"Traditional" taxidermy artwork. The "Rogue" is by Immortalizer Dr. Takeshi Yamada and the "Traditional: is by the Challenger Mike McCulloch.

Photo Credit: Allan Amato/AMC

The episode 3 of AMC unscripted television series, IMMORTALIZED entitled ODYSSEY was a competition between Dr. Takeshi Yamada (fine art sculptor/painter & sideshow gaff master) and the seasoned professional taxidermist, Mike McCullough. It was first aired on 2/28. Yamada created and displayed a giant bat winged, dragon-tailed, fived-headed goat/fox monster, which was circled by three dragons above it, with the 12×15 feet hand-painted backdrop of the Hell behind. His Challenger showed a group of painted fiberglass fish in the ancient ruin props. At the end Dr. Yamada won with the score of 86 point, which is only 4 point away from the perfect score 90 points (also he made nearly 30 point gap to his challenger).

“When I first heard the theme ODYSSEY, I immediately came an idea of creating five headed monster. For me, Odyssey is not about a story of a man lived in the past. This is a story about my life, how I faced 5 destructive forces of life, and how I overcame the five-headed monster of life to transfer myself from a common man to a hero. These fives represent the Hell Hunger Animosity, Anger, and the Devil in the Sixth Heaven, that were stated in sutras of Buddhism. I faced and defeated many such monsters in my life. One of the biggest challenge in my recent life was the Hurricane Sandy, which directly stroke my house and destroy it. It tried to kill me when I creating my artwork here. I completed my artworks in the destroyed house with no heat, no electricity, no phone lines, no gas at the end of the freezing October. I defeated the five-headed monster of life and overcame the most difficult time for creating my heroic artwork. Here is my interpretation of the Odyssey! Shazam! Hahahahahahahahaha—-”

This magnificent mythic rogue taxidermy artwork, "ODYSSEY" by Dr. Takeshi Yamada won the recognition of the "BEST TAXIDERMY ARTWORK OF THE IMMORTALIZED, SEASON 1, 2013" with the highest score — 86 points out of the perfect score of 90 poins.

This episode entitled ODYSSEYwas first aired on February 28, 2013.

Dr. Yamada says, "For me, the Odyssey is not a heroic fictional story of the ancient man but a story of my life today. It is about how I faced the five-headed monster of life — Hell Hunger. Animosity, Anger, and the Devil in the Sixth Heaven, as stated in Buddhist Sutras. This is a story of how a common man transformed to a hero by defeating the five-headed monster of life. Just like Odysseus, I have overcome many evil five-headed monster and dragons of life and became a hero. Recently, I was nearly killed by the direct assault of the Hurricane Sandy, which completely destroyed my house with over five feet of flood on October 29, 2013. This heroic artwork was completed when I faced the most difficult conditions and challenge of my life; no heat, no electricity, no gas, no home phones, no, cell phones, no internet, no computer, no operating grocery stores or any stores, no operating trains, no operating busses — as if I lived like a caveman. My area, Coney Island, Brooklyn, New York was completely shut down and looked like a war zone — police were almost every street corner and they told me there were numbers of burglars breaking into houses in the area. I had to finish this artwork with just a handful of tools. Also, I I had to wait and protect this artwork from burglars until it was picked up and sent to Los Angels by the shipping company from the out of state (New Jersey). Finally. Over a week after the hurricane’s attack and destructions, my artworks finally left my house, and I also left the city just before the night’s temperature to hit only 27F degree.”

Photographed in the filming studio in Los Angels, California on November 20, 2012.

“By the way, the backdrop is 12×15 feet. I painted it all by myself for 1 day in the front yard of my house. (I am also a famous sideshow banner painter worked for many sideshow companies internationally, although I am more known as a sideshow gaff master.) Instead of producing a sideshow banner for my ODYSSEY, I decided to create this backdrop to go with the main rogue taxidermy artwork to enhance the appearance of it. Taxidermists create “habitats” but they NEVER paint diorama or backdrop. They think painting on a flat surface is not their job. Nevertheless, I did those for many amusement parks (including Six Flags in Baltimore and Luna Park in Coney Island) and sideshows for decades. So, I decided to do this for my ODYSSEY.”…


AMC’s unscripted series brings viewers into the captivating and provocative world of creative and competitive taxidermy. Immortalized explores the passionate detail and artistic expression that goes into creating this compelling art. Each episode will feature one of four highly regarded "Immortalizers" facing off against a "Challenger" in a competition. Their task is to create a piece to be judged on three criteria: originality, craftsmanship and interpretation of the designated theme. Whether the artists are known for their classic or rogue creations, each week they will work to perfect this centuries-old art form in an unprecedented battle.

Immortalized centers on the art and craft of taxidermy. The hides used in the artists’ work were procured through a variety of ways, all of which are in strict accordance with the law.

Immortalized airs Thursdays at 10/9c, as part of AMC Real Original Thursdays.


Reference: Dr. Takeshi Yamada was an “Immortalizer” on Immortalized, the AMC cable television’s new original unscripted television series about competitive taxidermy. Season 1 was aired in 2013. Yamada was featured in episodes 3 and 8 (season finale), and won both competitions. Also, Yamada won the Grand Champion Immortalizer for his highest scores.…………………………………………………………………………………………,92526/………………………………………………

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(updated April 7, 2013)

For any questions, please contact Dr. Takeshi Yamada at [email protected]

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